Maison De Sabre Review

Hey everyone!  I wanted to give a review of a new product I have been testing out!  I have been using a new phone case from the brand “Maison De Sabre” for my iPhone 7.

The case is made from pebble grain leather and personalized with a silver or gold monogram.    The leather color choices are: Black caviar, pink lily, pomegranate red, emerald green, lapis blue, and lead grey.  The case costs $75.

My case is BEAUTIFUL!  I chose the “pink lily” color with a gold monogram.  It is definitely the most beautiful phone case I have ever seen.  The leather gives it a luxurious look that I just love.  It fits very secure on my phone and I feel like it offers great protection.  I just LOVE the personalized gold stamped monogram, it looks amazing against the leather.   I get compliments on it every day!

The only things I will say is that the price is on the higher end for a phone case in my opinion.  The quality is great, so you really get what you are paying for.   I do also notice the sides of the case pick up dirt easily, making it look dirty.  The case is light pink, so like with all light colored leather, there is a possibility of color transfer.  This can be resolved by wiping with a leather cleaning product or even just a gentle cloth worked for mine.

Other than that, you are getting a beautiful, high quality, leather phone case.

If you want a stunning and personalized phone case, I would give this one by Maison De Sabre a try!  If you would like to receive a 10% discount, be sure to use code: nikkiwebber10

Here is a link to their website:

Thanks so much for reading!