Fancii & Co Skincare Brush Review

So I have been trying out the Fancii & Co Cora 7 in one face and body cleansing brush.  This brush comes with 6 different brush heads.  A silicone cleansing brush, a regular face cleansing brush, a body cleansing brush, a face massaging brush, a sponge brush, and a pumice stone, and an extending wand.

I found myself using the silicone one almost every night because it was gentle and helped with removing my makeup.  The regular cleansing brush is nice for once a week use because it is very exfoliating and not as gentle as the silicone.  The sponge one was different and I have never used one like that before.  I used it with a rich cleanser that had beads in it and it felt nice like it was really making it sink into my skin. The massaging one feels nice, but I will probably not use it very often just because I feel like it doesn’t really do anything for me. The pumice stone and body brush are great and really nice to have.  I love the body brush for getting off old spray tan and prepping for new spray tan.

My overall thoughts: This whole system is $39.99 which is a great deal for what you are getting.  I would recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a face/body brush with multiple uses/benefits.  What you are getting for the price is great!  Also check out some of the other great things on and use the code: NIKKI30 for 30% off 🙂

Thank you for reading!