Date Night Ideas

Hey guys!  So this is a random post but I wanted to share some fun date night ideas with you!  This is a short list of our favorite things that we actually do a lot, rather than a really long list of random things that we have never done that you might see if you google “date night ideas” lol ie: apple picking, cooking class, couples massage. It is important for Kohl and I (and everyone!) to unplug and go on a fun date every now and then.  We don’t have children yet, so we are trying to set a habit/routine to keep going for when that time comes.  I love going to dinner and a movie, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up!  Here are some ideas when you want to do something a little different and have a fun date night/day with your boo.

Brewery/Winery: There are so many cool breweries around to go and taste different kinds of beer or wine.  Usually places have tours which is fun to walk around and learn about and most offer yummy food to try too.  Who doesn’t like relaxing and unwinding over a few drinks with their honey? 🙂

Mini Golf: Going to play mini golf is so fun!  We are both really competitive, so our games can get intese lol, but we always laugh so much and have a blast.

Dave & Busters/Arcade: For one of our date nights not that long ago we went to Dave & Busters and had such a great time!  We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner first (food is always a must for us lol) and then we played games for a couple hours.  We used to go here or to Boomers when we were younger and dating and would always have fun.  After a few years of marriage, that has not changed!  It takes us back and makes us feel like kids again.  We had a blast and want to go back soon.

Make dinner and dessert together and watch a movie/play video games: This sounds so simple but we did this not that long ago and it was such a fun night!  We made pizza together and had fun getting creative with the toppings and just relaxing together after a long week.  Sometimes staying in is the way to go.  And also playing Mario Party is pretty fun lol.

Disneyland or Theme Park (but Disneyland lol): Ok you knew this one was coming!  Lol but there are fun ways you can make this date special and different.  Sometimes we make a reservation at a nice restaurant in the park and watch a show.  Sometimes we will try a ton of different seasonal snacks.  This is somewhere we go often but there are times we make them “special” Disney dates.

Hiking: We don’t do this as often as we would like to but we both love hiking and seeing beautiful places!  There are a lot of nice trails near us and it’s fun to leave our phones and take Daisy along and just walk and talk and enjoy nature together.

Go to a coffee shop and plan our next vacation: We love talking about and planning our trips, it helps us look forward to something.  It’s fun to sit down with the laptop and research all the restaurants we want to go to, things we want to see and do on our vacation.

I would love to hear what your favorite date nights are!

Thank you for reading!