How to Stay Organized

So the upcoming seasons hold a lot for most people, and it can be overwhelming planning, scheduling and remembering your commitments all while staying organized.  It happens every year for me, almost every weekend and at least a couple week nights get booked up every month.  Keeping track of all those events along with Dr. appointments, work meetings and events, little unexpected things that pop up, ya da ya da, you know… life stuff, can be super overwhelming and stressful!

I have put together a list to help you stay organized so you can enjoy the wonderful times that fall and winter hold.

  1. Buy a planner/calendar and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN-This is the most important tip that has greatly helped me the past few years.  Yes, I know a lot of people use the calendars in their phones and type notes, but having everything written down and seeing the whole month at a time makes remembering and planning for things so much easier, trust me.  You can write down your events on the days, as well as to do lists and any extra things like a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule.  I love my Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas.  It is the perfect size, and has a super cute design with bible verses and inspiration on every page.  Oh, and it also comes with stickers! Here is the link to my planner The Happy Planner
  2. Give everything a home and practice putting things away immediately- There is nothing more stressful than looking for something important that you know you have and not being able to find it.  Make designated boxes or drawers for important paperwork, dedicate one shelf or spot to presents you are giving so you can have them all in one place, and de clutter frequently.  Also, when you come home with something, before you get into your sweats and sit on that couch with that bowl of popcorn (this is a hard one for me) just put the dang thing where its supposed to go!  Don’t just throw it on the bed, to be thrown on the coffee table, to be shoved under the coffee table, to be forgotten about/lost!
  3. Set a monthly budget and stick to it, and when you buy something, yes, WRITE IT DOWN in your planner so you can keep track and not go over your budget.  I like to write down what I need to purchase and calculate that, and if there is extra to spend, I save it or get something that I want, but always always write everything down so you can stay on top of your spending.
  4. Get rid of stuff you don’t need/use/wear-Before you get something new, try to get rid of something as well.  This helps eliminate clutter and unneeded things.  I love the feeling of getting rid of crap that I don’t need, it’s invigorating! LOL
  5. Simplify your life by not over committing and jam packing your schedule- Sometimes many commitments are unavoidable, especially during the busy holiday months.  I am guilty of spreading myself too thin sometimes and it leads to stress.  It’s ok to say no to something and postpone or move things around to accommodate your schedule.  It is very important to take time for yourself to just relax.  During fall and winter time, the changing weather+stress=lowered immune system which=getting sick…yeah I know that was a funky equation haha but it’s true!  I have learned this from experience.  Take a deep breath, de clutter, organize, and ENJOY the wonderful months ahead and take time for yourself to relax and be with your loved ones!  

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