My Tried and True Workout Clothes

If I don’t have a cute and comfortable outfit to wear to the gym, I’m probably not gonna go lol.  If I have a few really cute pieces that suck everything in and make me feel good while I’m working out, it helps get me there.

First let’s have some #realtalk.  Last night I destroyed a box of milk duds, but ya know what?  I’m giving myself some grace and starting the day over by focusing on putting healthier things in my body and taking little steps to be better every day.  Sometimes weeks go by that I don’t go to the gym and let’s be real, I hate going.  But I love the feeling I have afterwards, so I am trying to focus on that feeling.  If you are struggling to workout regularly, I feel you!  Let’s motivate each other and give ourselves grace.  We’ve got this!  I just wanted to throw that little bit of inspiration in there haha anyways let’s get on with the post…

This post is dedicated to workout clothes I own that I have been wearing for a really long time.  I LOVE wearing cute workout clothes even if I’m not going to workout.  The athleisure trend is one that I really love. These pieces have held up and are my tried and true clothes to wear to the gym and on days where I’m just lounging or running errands.  I don’t have $98 to spend on one pair of leggings or have 10 different pairs of Adidas, but there are some really cute, comfortable, flattering, and affordable pieces that I think you will love!  Also, a lot of my picks are from Old Navy…shocking right lol.  Right now, you can save 30% off your entire order with the code THANKYOU 

There is a shoppable link with all of my favorite workout clothes at the end of this post!



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