Must Watch Netflix Shows and Movies

Hi everyone!  It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog post.  I am a teacher and it’s back to school season!  I have been really sick the past few days so I have been watching way too much Netflix and wanted to share with you some must watch shows and movies!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I go on Netflix and find myself scrolling around for an hour trying to decide what to watch, and just end up putting on The Office for the 337th time.  I hope this helps you decide the next time you’re in the mood to binge watch Netflix (me almost all of the time lol).

Dark Tourist-Ok so this show I really loved.  It’s about different places around the world that people travel to that are known for death and tragedy.  It’s really interesting and the host is really funny and keeps it somewhat light.

I am a Killer-As you will probably tell after reading this list, I kinda like shows about serial killers and murder mysteries lol…I like this one because they are interviewing the murderer from prison.

Nailed It-Probably the most light-hearted on my list lol, this show is about people who try to recreate perfect looking desserts and it’s super funny.

The Staircase-Murder trial documentary about a famous author.

The People v. O.J.-No need to explain.

Spotlight-This movie is about a group of newspaper writers who are investigating a scandal in the Catholic Church.

The Crown-If you don’t care about the royal family and the hidden and unknown drama about them, you won’t like this lol.

Se7en- Movie where Brad Pitt investigates a serial killer.

Long Shot-A man was put in prison for a murder her didn’t commit. This shows him trying to clear his name.

These are shows and movies that I have watched fairly recently.  Some of my classic favorites you need to watch if you haven’t are: Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, Breaking Bad, Gimore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Making a Murderer, Gossip Girl, and probably some more lol (can you tell I love watching Netflix)?

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!



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