What happened when I did a juice cleanse

So after eating about 27 handfuls of peanut m&m’s, too many plates of chips and dip, and countless trips to the dessert table, I was feeling especially bloated and sluggish after Super Bowl Sunday.  I decided it would be good to detox my body and do a 1 day cleanse.

I went to Pressed Juicery and got the Cleanse 1- 1 day cleanse.  They have three different levels of cleanses in 1,2, and 3 day options.  The Cleanse 1 was the highest calorie option that was suggested for people new to cleansing.  It came with 6 juices as well as a chlorophyll water to drink throughout the day, and an aloe vera water to drink before bed.  The juices were numbered 1-6 and they told me to have a juice every 2 hours.  The first drink I had when I woke up was the vanilla almond.  It was pretty good.  It tasted like almond milk and definitely filled me up and kept me going until it was time to drink another. 

The next juice was the greens 2 and this one tasted pretty good as well.  After drinking this juice I was feeling refreshed and had a good amount of energy considering I didn’t have any coffee that morning.

A couple hours after the green juice I was starting to feel pretty hungry.  The next one was the roots 2.  I loved this one because it had carrot in it so it was sweet.  This one kept me satisfied for a while.

The fourth juice was my absolute favorite.  It was the citrus 2 and it had pineapple in it so it was super sweet and refreshing.

The next one I had around 5:30 pm so it was around the time I usually eat dinner so I was feeling pretty hungry.  This one was the greens 3 and was my least favorite.  I like green juices but this one was bitter and had a lot of celery which I don’t love.

I was actually really surprised that I felt as good and as satisfied as I did throughout the day and made it without hurting anyone lol.  But after the fifth juice at around 7 pm I got very sick.  I got a horrible migraine on the right side of my head, I felt nauseous, I was shaking, and I threw up.  It was awful.  Now I don’t know if this was my body detoxing or telling me that I can’t handle not eating all day.  I felt so sick that I couldn’t drink the last juice, which was chocolate almond.  All I could do was take Advil and go to bed.  I did try it the next morning and it was very good, and would have been a nice treat to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The chlorophyll and aloe water were kinda weird.  They tasted like water with a hint of I don’t know what, something weird lol they were drinkable.

The weirdest part was when I woke up the next morning, I felt amazing.  I didn’t snooze my alarm, I had energy which is rare, and my stomach was not bloated and felt good.  With all of that said, will I be cleansing regularly?  Probably not.  The way my body reacted at the end of the day was not worth it.  I will stick with Pressed Juicery’s delicious freeze as a treat! 🙂



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