All About Scarves

One of my favorite fall and winter time accessories has always been scarves!  I love how they complete a simple outfit and ad a cute and cozy look.

I used to wear a scarf every single day to work for a year, even in the summer because I had a healing scar on my neck that I was embarrassed of.  I have learned to accept my scar, but still love wearing cute scarves!  Just not in the summer lol.  The pink striped scarf I am wearing in these photos is one I found at Target a couple years back, so they don’t have it anymore, but they have some similar styles!  I like how big and blanket like it is.  The leopard print infinity scarf is a favorite of mine from H&M that I have also had for a while.

I have put together a shoppable link of cute scarves to get you in a cozy fall mood!  Enjoy!

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A Pop of Pink

I love wearing all black and having a pop of color when I am wearing athleisure attire.  These shoes add a pop of pink which gives a fun and girly feel to a comfy/on the go outfit.

These are the Adidas NMD_R1 shoes and they are a bit pricey, but so so comfy and cute.  If you have been wanting to invest in a nice pair of trendy Adidas, I would totally go for these!  They don’t even feel like you are wearing shoes, but in a good way, if that makes sense lol.  I am wearing a size 10, which is my normal size, but I feel like I could have gone down a half size, but I would be too nervous to lol.  I don’t mind that they are a bit roomy anyways, but if you prefer a more snug/more supportive fit, go a half size down.  They do have half sizes which is nice if you are in between.  They are selling out of sizes fast, so if you want them, grab them while you can!

Here is a link to the shoes on the Adidas website: Adidas NMD_R1 sneaker



How to Stay Organized

So the upcoming seasons hold a lot for most people, and it can be overwhelming planning, scheduling and remembering your commitments all while staying organized.  It happens every year for me, almost every weekend and at least a couple week nights get booked up every month.  Keeping track of all those events along with Dr. appointments, work meetings and events, little unexpected things that pop up, ya da ya da, you know… life stuff, can be super overwhelming and stressful!

I have put together a list to help you stay organized so you can enjoy the wonderful times that fall and winter hold.

  1. Buy a planner/calendar and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN-This is the most important tip that has greatly helped me the past few years.  Yes, I know a lot of people use the calendars in their phones and type notes, but having everything written down and seeing the whole month at a time makes remembering and planning for things so much easier, trust me.  You can write down your events on the days, as well as to do lists and any extra things like a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule.  I love my Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas.  It is the perfect size, and has a super cute design with bible verses and inspiration on every page.  Oh, and it also comes with stickers! Here is the link to my planner The Happy Planner
  2. Give everything a home and practice putting things away immediately- There is nothing more stressful than looking for something important that you know you have and not being able to find it.  Make designated boxes or drawers for important paperwork, dedicate one shelf or spot to presents you are giving so you can have them all in one place, and de clutter frequently.  Also, when you come home with something, before you get into your sweats and sit on that couch with that bowl of popcorn (this is a hard one for me) just put the dang thing where its supposed to go!  Don’t just throw it on the bed, to be thrown on the coffee table, to be shoved under the coffee table, to be forgotten about/lost!
  3. Set a monthly budget and stick to it, and when you buy something, yes, WRITE IT DOWN in your planner so you can keep track and not go over your budget.  I like to write down what I need to purchase and calculate that, and if there is extra to spend, I save it or get something that I want, but always always write everything down so you can stay on top of your spending.
  4. Get rid of stuff you don’t need/use/wear-Before you get something new, try to get rid of something as well.  This helps eliminate clutter and unneeded things.  I love the feeling of getting rid of crap that I don’t need, it’s invigorating! LOL
  5. Simplify your life by not over committing and jam packing your schedule- Sometimes many commitments are unavoidable, especially during the busy holiday months.  I am guilty of spreading myself too thin sometimes and it leads to stress.  It’s ok to say no to something and postpone or move things around to accommodate your schedule.  It is very important to take time for yourself to just relax.  During fall and winter time, the changing weather+stress=lowered immune system which=getting sick…yeah I know that was a funky equation haha but it’s true!  I have learned this from experience.  Take a deep breath, de clutter, organize, and ENJOY the wonderful months ahead and take time for yourself to relax and be with your loved ones!  

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My Tried and True Workout Clothes

If I don’t have a cute and comfortable outfit to wear to the gym, I’m probably not gonna go lol.  If I have a few really cute pieces that suck everything in and make me feel good while I’m working out, it helps get me there.

First let’s have some #realtalk.  Last night I destroyed a box of milk duds, but ya know what?  I’m giving myself some grace and starting the day over by focusing on putting healthier things in my body and taking little steps to be better every day.  Sometimes weeks go by that I don’t go to the gym and let’s be real, I hate going.  But I love the feeling I have afterwards, so I am trying to focus on that feeling.  If you are struggling to workout regularly, I feel you!  Let’s motivate each other and give ourselves grace.  We’ve got this!  I just wanted to throw that little bit of inspiration in there haha anyways let’s get on with the post…

This post is dedicated to workout clothes I own that I have been wearing for a really long time.  I LOVE wearing cute workout clothes even if I’m not going to workout.  The athleisure trend is one that I really love. These pieces have held up and are my tried and true clothes to wear to the gym and on days where I’m just lounging or running errands.  I don’t have $98 to spend on one pair of leggings or have 10 different pairs of Adidas, but there are some really cute, comfortable, flattering, and affordable pieces that I think you will love!  Also, a lot of my picks are from Old Navy…shocking right lol.  Right now, you can save 30% off your entire order with the code THANKYOU 

There is a shoppable link with all of my favorite workout clothes at the end of this post!



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What’s in my Purse

So today’s post is kinda random but I thought it might be fun!  I feel like you aren’t really a blogger until you do one of these challenges lol…so here’s the what’s in my purse challenge!  I literally dumped out my purse onto the bed and this is what was in there, no adding or taking away anything.  My purse is pretty big, so I tend to have a lot of stuff inside.  Here’s a picture of everything.

Pretty normal stuff…lol.  I have:

my calendar/planner

the book I am currently reading


lavender essential oils (I’m a stressed gal :/ )



hand cream

wave spray for my hair


touch up powder


name tag


apple (always hungry)


wireless ear buds

tums (I love spicy food and wine but it doesn’t like my esophogus)

9 different lipsticks/glosses haha (always have to be prepared and have the right lip for every situation am I right?!)

Oh and how could I forget the most important thing in my purse?!

Thanks so much for reading!



The Best Lipstick Ever

Hi friends!  Today’s post is for makeup lovers!

I wanted to get on here and quickly tell you about my favorite lipstick. I have been wearing nothing else and I think this lipstick deserves it’s very own post lol!  I love all different kinds of lipsticks, matte, glossy, satin, you name it.  When I bought this I was looking for a great lipstick that 1) Stays on for a long time and doesn’t transfer 2) Isn’t super drying and doesn’t make my lips look like they are cracking 3)Makes my lips look amazing of course!  Buxom’s Va Va Plump shiny liquid lipstick to the rescue!  Buxom really nailed this formula.  I LOVE their plumping glosses, so I decided to give this a try with high hopes, and it did not disappoint.

Here’s the exact description for detail people:

What it is: A liquid lipstick that takes color to a whole new level, with lasting, bold, bombshell color and the tingling lip-plumping action Buxom is famous for.

What it does: Its innovative curved applicator hugs your lips to deliver a precise application and saturated, super-lustrous color in just one swipe. High-tech polymers and silicone elastomers make the formula creamy and supple while helping prevent the intense pigment from smudging or fading. Buxom’s unique peptide and hyaluronic acid booster help to support your natural collagen, and gives lips that volumized look without causing irritation. Your lips are kept comfortable and kissable from dawn ’til dusk.

Now, there is a tiny bit of transfer on my straw because of it’s creaminess, but it doesn’t fade away from the lips easily.  I was in a wedding and put this on around 1 pm, and I touched it up around 6pm, but even then it still was on and looking pretty good after sweating, eating, and drinking.  I can’t say enough good things about this!  I have the color “feel the passion” which is a rosy pink, but they have some great nude colors, reds, and deep plums.  I want to get every color! If you are looking for a great lipstick, I highly recommend you try this one!  Oh and it’s on sale right now on!  I will link it down below.




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Cute and Simple Outfit for in Between Seasons

The struggle has been real with wanting to dress for fall but it really being summer still.  It’s still warm, but it has been cooling down in the evening which is nice.

I wanted to share this cute and simple outfit I have been wearing on repeat.  I like how an oversized, lightweight sweater looks with these white pants and booties.  You can switch out the sweater for a more fall inspired color (this would look so cute with a burnt orange color) or put on some dark skinnies to switch it up.  This is my go to type of outfit lately and I will be wearing it with all my skinny jeans and big cozy sweaters (once it cools down lol)!  This look is cute and looks pulled together but is so comfy and easy to do!  I really love these Vince Camuto booties.  They are 4″ tall which is the tallest I will go with my heels (when I wear these I am at least 6’5″ lol), but this will work with flat boots too, and of course OTK boots!  I have linked my exact booties and jeans, and some sweater inspiration for you!

Happy Fall!



Why I’m Not Taking a Very Successful Blogger’s Advice

Hey guys!  So I wanted to do some #RealTalk with you today.

So I am going to explain that title in a little bit, but first I wanted to say that I have been blogging for almost a year.  I started it as a hobby to share my love for makeup, food, fashion, and travel.  Now that I am almost one year in, I realize how much I love blogging and making videos, and that my goal is to have it be my career someday.  I am nowhere near my ultimate goal, but I am hitting small goals every week and most importantly, I am having a BLAST and meeting some really cool people!  I am working really hard on growing my following/community on here, Instagram, and YouTube, but I am not just focusing on gaining followers, readers, and subscribers.  I am genuinely wanting to help people and share with the world, because I feel like I have a lot to offer. I think everyone does, and if you want to blog, make videos, start an Instagram, or share your passions in any other kind of way, you should!  The social media world is so heavily saturated with people with similar goals as me, so it’s really easy to get discouraged.  I was so scared to start my blog because I was afraid to be judged or come off like a wannabe, but I am so glad that I did.  I have met girls that have helped me, and who I have been able to help.  If I can help or inspire one person, it’s worth it.  And if you are just starting out, it is so easy to play the comparison game and try to be like or better than someone else.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a VERY successful blogger on Instagram for some advice, and I was first of all really surprised that she even responded to me.  I asked her about choosing a niche and if you should start by focusing on one or two major topics before branching out to others, and just general advice for a beginning blogger.  I was kinda surprised and disappointed with her answer.

She told me, “In order to be successful in this industry, you either need to have a lot of money, or be better than your competitors, or both.”

Now, I can understand that response from a business point of view, which this definitely is a business to her.  But it still didn’t sit right with me, oh well.

You need to focus on quality content and building a genuine audience.  You need to be your true and authentic self, because there is no one else like you, and your brand and audience will grow, which is advice an even more successful blogger gave to me a few days ago.

Everyone is unique and has a totally different set of skills and experiences.  I am guilty of comparing myself to others, but I often need to remind myself that it’s not a competition, and I should focus on sharing my unique perspective and be my authentic self.  I feel like to grow an authentic following, you need to be real, relatable, and come from a service perspective.  I like to serve my followers by showing them cute and affordable fashion, makeup that is worth buying and how to put it on, an amazing restaurant they need to try, or a place they should visit.  If you want to share your passions, come from a point of service, and do it because you like to, not because you want followers or to be better than someone else.

Now if you’re thinking, “This girl is in no position to give advice, she is not a successful blogger, she barely has any followers,” then you’re absolutely right.  However, I know the kind of person I am, and the kind of blogger I want to be, and trying to be better than my “competition” and thinking everything revolves around money is not it.

It’s not all about looking pretty and having amazing outfits everyday.  It’s not all about showing the best and most fun parts of your life and having an aesthetically pleasing and perfectly filtered Instagram feed.  That stuff is fine and fun don’t get me wrong, but I also want to always maintain my real life, and share my down to earth self with people.  Whether I have 5 followers or 50K.  Yes, I will always want to share my amazing meal, or my cute new shoes, or my favorite foundation with you, but please know that my ultimate goal is to help, share, and inspire through my blog, Instagram, and YouTube, not to be better than other bloggers.

A quote from “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst: “There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand of beautiful.”

Ok, rant over lol.



Must Watch Netflix Shows and Movies

Hi everyone!  It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog post.  I am a teacher and it’s back to school season!  I have been really sick the past few days so I have been watching way too much Netflix and wanted to share with you some must watch shows and movies!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I go on Netflix and find myself scrolling around for an hour trying to decide what to watch, and just end up putting on The Office for the 337th time.  I hope this helps you decide the next time you’re in the mood to binge watch Netflix (me almost all of the time lol).

Dark Tourist-Ok so this show I really loved.  It’s about different places around the world that people travel to that are known for death and tragedy.  It’s really interesting and the host is really funny and keeps it somewhat light.

I am a Killer-As you will probably tell after reading this list, I kinda like shows about serial killers and murder mysteries lol…I like this one because they are interviewing the murderer from prison.

Nailed It-Probably the most light-hearted on my list lol, this show is about people who try to recreate perfect looking desserts and it’s super funny.

The Staircase-Murder trial documentary about a famous author.

The People v. O.J.-No need to explain.

Spotlight-This movie is about a group of newspaper writers who are investigating a scandal in the Catholic Church.

The Crown-If you don’t care about the royal family and the hidden and unknown drama about them, you won’t like this lol.

Se7en- Movie where Brad Pitt investigates a serial killer.

Long Shot-A man was put in prison for a murder her didn’t commit. This shows him trying to clear his name.

These are shows and movies that I have watched fairly recently.  Some of my classic favorites you need to watch if you haven’t are: Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, Breaking Bad, Gimore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Making a Murderer, Gossip Girl, and probably some more lol (can you tell I love watching Netflix)?

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!



Transitioning Outfits from Summer to Fall

So I am totally jumping on the fall bandwagon, but I can’t go all in yet because it’s still so warm!  I have been having fun adding a pinch of fall style to my summery outfits.  It’s so easy to do! I love wearing shorts with a sweater for when it gets a little cooler at night, and OTK boots just make so many outfits look super stylish and put together.  I have included some different options for creating this cute, cozy, and stylish look!  Happy almost fall friends lol!


XOXO Nikki