Disneyland Festival of Holidays

So this is totally a foodie post!  We went to Disneyland and sampled a bunch of different dishes at their Festival of Holidays celebration.  They have several different stands in California Adventure park that have holiday dishes inspired by different countries.  We purchased a pre paid ticket for $45 where we could choose 8 dishes to try.  We were so impressed by the food!  Everything we had was delicious!  Even though it was super packed when we went, we had such a great time trying out all the yummy food and just walking around and seeing all of the Holiday decorations one last time, and Paradise Pier before they start the construction to turn it into Pixar Pier.  We of course did not stop there with the treats haha we had to get our favorite Mickey pretzel and some ice cream! 🙂

The first thing we tried was from the Spicy Celebrations stand.  We got the Nashville hot fried turkey and a beef tamale with red sauce.  Both were good, but the tamale was SUPER spicy, a little too spicy for me, but still very yummy.

Next we had a beef short rib with smashed potatoes and gravy and topped with cranberry sauce from the Joy to the Sauce stand.  We loved this one!  The meat was tender and the flavors of the gravy and sauce were delicious.

Next we had chorizo queso fundido with tortilla chips from Chips, Breads, and Holiday Spreads.  This was my second most favorite thing we ate!  It was rich, creamy, and heavenly.  Can you tell how happy I was?!

The next dish we had was macaroni and cheese with cornbread crumbles from the Holiday Duets stand.  Simple and delicious, you can never go wrong with mac and cheese!  I loved the crunchy topping and how creamy the cheese was.

The next thing we had was just okay.  Definitely not our favorite.  It was Chana Masala with grilled garlic naan from the Classic Crocks and Casseroles stand.  It was just a little bland, and couldn’t compare to all the other amazing things we had.

The next dish was so yummy and one of Kohl’s favorites because it was tater tots lol!  It was Reuben potato smash with Russian dressing and rye toast crumble from the Twist on Tradition stand.  I don’t normally love Reuben sandwiches but these tots were crispy, salty, and delicious!

The last dish we had was definitely the grand finale and both of our #1 favorites (because we had to rank all of them 1-8 of course!) haha!  It was braised pork belly adobo with garlic fried rice from the Blissfully Braised stand.  We had to wait a while for this dish because they kept running out of it due to popularity!  It was so worth the wait.  The pork had an amazing flavor and was super tender, and the rice was just pure garlicy goodness!

Next we had to get a pretzel and dessert!  The Mickey Mouse pretzel is always a favorite that we get almost every time we come haha and the ice cream in a dipped sprinkle cone Kohl got is also a favorite usual of ours.  I decided to try something different for dessert this time.  I got a hand dipped ice cream bar from Clarabelle’s in CA Adventure and it was so yummy!  You get to pick your ice cream flavor, the type of chocolate to dip it in, and toppings.  I got vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate with all of the toppings!  Yes, all of them haha you can choose one topping or get the kitchen sink and have them put all of them on.  It was so good, I will definitely be getting this again!

We had such a fun time at the Festival of Holidays and we hope to go again next year!  We are also excited to see Pixar Pier when it is finished; we took a picture of the pier to remember it.  Some of our favorite memories of our relationship were made at Disneyland and California Adventure.  We always have such a great time just being kids again for a few hours.  See you again soon, Disney!





My 2018 Goals

This is going up much later than I hoped but I am excited to share with you what my goals are for this year.  I did not want to just post some cliche resolutions, so I really spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do and accomplish this year.  This last year was a rough one for me, and I feel confident that this year is my time to recover and strengthen myself.  I am excited for a fresh start and look forward to all this year has to offer!

Outfit details linked at the end of this post

Learn how to deal with my anxiety: I have always been a very stressed and anxious person, and I probably always will be, and that’s okay, but I can change how I deal with it in my life.  Pray more, worry less is something I want to always be reminding myself.  Some things that also help me a lot is frequent exercise, walking by the beach, and meeting with/praying with my good friends and family.

Read my Bible more: A lot of these goals are going to help me with my first goal.  When I am in His word consistently, I have more peace and perspective on life.  I really want to draw closer to God this year, because He is the only one that can give me the healing and strength that I need.

Be more organized: I want to be better at keeping my room and car clean because I am so much more relaxed and can think better when my things are clean and organized.  I also got a beautiful daily planner that will help me with organizing my schedule.  It also has encouraging scriptures on every page, and it came with the cutest stickers for holidays and more.  I will also link my planner and stickers at the end of this post.

Spend more time with family and friends: I work a lot and it is easy to spend any free time I have just curling up in a ball and watching Netflix.  Time with my loved ones is precious to me and I never want to take them for granted.

Be more active: I always feel better mentally and physically when I exercise consistently.

Eat more fruits and veggies: I do want to gradually clean up my diet, but it is very unrealistic for me to set a goal like “cut out sweets and pizza.”  This is a goal that I can reach while trying to eat better overall.

Do more of what makes me happy: I want to play more tennis with my mom, go to more concerts with my friends, go to Disneyland more with my nieces, and grow my blog.

Choose joy: I want to accept my feelings when I feel anxious, depressed, angry or not good enough, but I really want to work better at giving those feeling to God DAILY because they can get in the way of my joy.  While there are so many reasons to be stressed, depressed, anxious, and hopeless, there are so many more to be joyful.  This year, I really want to focus on the love my Savior has for me and all the amazing blessings in my life.  Here’s to a great year!  Hoodie: Gapfit breathe pullover hoodie

Leggings: Under armour authentic leggings

Sneakers: Nike flex tr 7

Foundation: Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation

Planner: The happy planner

Stickers: Dates and holidays stickersEveryday memories stickers

Casual NYE Look

Happy New Years Eve!  Today I will be relaxing in my pajamas with no makeup on because Kohl is super sick.  I’m pretty sure some good food will be involved later so I’m totally okay with staying in haha!  I wanted to share this casual outfit and glam makeup look with you that is perfect for NYE.  I dressed up my ripped jeans with a super pretty silver off the shoulder blouse and my black OTK boots that I wear way too much lol, they just go with everything!  I did a gold and silver sparkly smokey eye and a metallic rosy lip with super highlighted cheeks of course!  Gotta glow hard on NYE!  And yes, that is confetti all over my hair and body in the makeup pics haha that stuff is no joke! I will link outfit and makeup details at the end of this post.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! XOXO

Top: Love on a hanger off the shoulder blouse

Jeans: Old Navy rockstar ripped jeans

Boots: Sam Edelman virginia over the knee boots

Necklace: 8 Other Reasons rose gold choker

Foundation: Nars radiant longwear foundation

Concealer: Nars radiant creamy concealer

Contour: Lorac Pro contour palette

Highlighter: Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Wet Set

Blush: Mac warm soul

Eyeshadow: Kylie Cosmetics Nice Palette-SOLD OUT. Similar palette: stila eyes are the windown palette

Lipstick: Stila splendore shimmer stay all day liquid lipstick

What I got for Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with you family and friends!  I enjoyed relaxing with my family and eating way too much!  I’ve had this week off from work so it has been so nice being able to relax.  I wanted to share what I got for Christmas!  I got so spoiled this year.  My husband went way overboard even though we agreed on a spending limit…lol.

I will start with a gift that I won in one of those gift games where you can steal.  I stole this gift and I am so glad nobody stole it back! It is a pour over coffee maker and I love it!  Anything that involves coffee is exciting for me, so I was super excited to get this.

Next is this super cute Starbucks cup that my husband actually got from the gift game, but we all know who it really belong to lol.  I love the black and how tall this cup is!  It also is insulated so it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drink cold.  Thanks honey!  🙂

Next is a Little Mermaid mug that is just so cute!  I am a mug lover so I was very excited when I opened this one.  This was one of a few Disney gifts that my husband got for me.  I saw it one night at Disneyland and he went back without me and surprised me with it on Christmas and it is definitely one of my favorite mugs!

Next are a few clothing items.  My parents got me this really nice black and white Calvin Klein turtle neck that I love!  It looks chic and put together and is soft and comfortable.

Next is a Monsters University spirit jersey and I just about screamed when I opened it.  I have been wanting a Disney spirit jersey for so long to wear to Disneyland and I didn’t even know they made the Monsters U ones!  One of my favorite Disney movies!  I can’t wait to sport this the next time we go to Disney!

When I opened this next gift I was so surprised.  Another spirit jersey?!  Yes!  This fuzzy grey one is the coziest, warmest, most amazing thing I have ever put on my body lol.  I can’t wait to wear it!  Ok, I already have, almost everyday since Christmas!!  Thank you Kohly!!!

The next few gifts are beauty related that I have been using and loving everyday!  First is this Kopari Coconut Multi tasking kit.  My brother in law Jesse was my secret Santa and he got this for me, per my recommendation haha.  I really wanted this because I used the coconut melt once before and absolutely loved it, and right now with how dry the weather is, I want all the hydration!  This set comes with their original coconut melt, which is organic, unrefined pure coconut oil that can be used for so many things!  My favorite way to use it is under my eyes and to moisturize my whole body.  The next product inside is the sheer oil, which is a lightweight face oil.  I love this to remove my makeup or to put on the ends of my hair.  Next is the coconut body glow that is just so beautiful!  I love to be glowy and radiant!  This is so nice to put on my arms, chest, and legs when at the beach or going out.  It gives me golden goddess vibes!  I can’t wait to bring it with me to Hawaii and glow to the heavens!  The last product is the coconut balm which is an intensive moisturizing balm that is amazing for super dry or cracked skin.  I use this on my hands when they are dry and flaky and on my heels to keep them soft.  All of these products are great for keeping the skin moisturized and healthy looking!

He also got me this Too Faced set that comes with their amazing eyeshadow primer and my favorite mascara!  Thanks Jesse!

Next is a gift from my sister Marissa that I am so excited about!  I have been wanting the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc perfume for like 3 years, but I just can”t get myself to pay over $300 for perfume.  I did not know that they made a way less expensive body spray at Nordstrom!  My sweet sister who works there got this for me and now I can finally have that intoxicating scent that I love!  It smells like a sweet summer dream and it is my favorite scent of all time.  Thanks sis!

Next is something that was in my stocking and it’s an adorable mini lip set from Stila.  It comes with three mini sizes of their stay all day liquid lipsticks.  All of these colors are so good!  Not even one is weird or unwearable which often happens with sets haha.  It comes with a red, a nude, and a shimmery pinky nude.  Love this set!

Next is a set of bath bombs from my mother in law that I am so excited to use when we go to Carmel for the weekend and will have a tub that I will actually fit in lol.  Thanks Kel!

This next gift is from my mom and I have already used up half of the bottle because I am lazy and hate washing my hair but also because it is so nice!  It is the Oribe gold dry shampoo.  It doesn’t leave a white cast or make my hair feel heavy and it gives a lot of volume!  I will definitely be buying this for myself when I run out!

The next two things are from Kohl and I was SO excited to get.  They are both from the Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection.  First is the nice eyeshadow palette that was a surprise and it is so pretty!  These shadows are so nice and the colors are beautiful.  You can never have enough eyeshadow palettes!

The next item I asked for specifically, like left my laptop open to the website so Kohl could get me this right when it launched before it sold out lol and I am so glad I did!  The wet set is the most amazing highlighter I have ever used!  It feels like gel to the touch and looks like wet skin when you apply it.  This is best applied with your fingers because of the unique texture.  This highlighter is stunning and I have gotten so many compliments on my skin whenever I wear it.  I can’t wait to glow all year long!  Thanks babe!

  Last but certainly not least is a Kate Spade bag from my mom.  I have been wanting a simple black bag for so long and this one is perfect!  It is so beautiful and classic and I feel so spoiled and grateful for receiving this.  This will go with every outfit!  Thank you mamma!

I am so grateful for all of the gifts I received, but I am more blessed to have my family, my heath, and my Savior this Christmas season.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a great time ringing in the New Year this weekend!  Talk to you soon!



Christmas Eve Look

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones!  I wanted to share my outfit that I wore on Christmas Eve with you.  It was a simple and cozy outfit that looked festive because of the red velvet tank!  I don’t normally wear red so this top was fun and different for me.  I paired it with a super cozy long cardigan and some black ripped jeans.  I topped it off with my trusty black OTK boots and a rose gold choker and walah!  That was my Christmas Eve look.  I loved how it looked festive and put together but it was actually really cozy and felt relaxed which was perfect for eating and lounging with the family all night.  My whole outfit minus the boots and necklace is from Old Navy!  I just love their styles and the quality for the price is always amazing!  I am looking forward to a week off relaxing and putting some fun stuff together for the blog. Merry Christmas! 

Fab Fit Fun Winter Box

I was super excited when this box was on my doorstep!  Merry early Christmas to me!  This is my first Fab Fit Fun box and I can’t believe it took me so long to finally get on the bandwagon!  I love everything in this winter box and can’t wait to show you what is inside.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate  intensive exfoliating treatment.  I tried this out in the evening before bed and I noticed my skin looked brighter and clearer right away.  I loved the tingly sensation and I felt like it got rid of a lot of dead and dry skin.  I love this for the fall/ winter time when the air is dry and my skin needs a little extra love.



The next item is the Nelson J Beverly Hills moisture healing mask for the hair.  Anything to repair damaged hair, I am all about.  I love the coconut scent and how it made my hair feel smooth and moisturized.


Continuing on the moisturizing theme, next we have the Ahava mineral hand cream.  I love how large this bottle is!  Normally hand creams are small but I am glad this one is so large because this time of year my hands get so dry and cracked.  It has a fresh and clean scent and feels super rich and hydrating on my hands.

IMG-2482The next item is the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray.  I was able to select this item and chose it because I had never heard of pillow spray before and who doesn’t a good nights sleep!  I love the lavender and chamomile scent on my pillow, it definitely helps me relax and unwind.


Next up is an exciting item because it’s makeup!  A cute little eyeshadow palate from DOUCCE with a highlighter inside as well.  I got the smokey colored one and I love the colors.  I have so many neutral eyeshadow pallets so this will help me switch it up a bit!  The colors swatched nicely on my hand.



I saved the best for last!  The last few items are the ones I was most excited for!  When I took out the Pointe Studio aloe infused cozy socks, I had to put them on my feet right away!  Cozy, warm, and hydrating for your feet?!  Yes please!  I also love the ombre blue colors.

IMG-2483    I am a mug collector, so when I saw the Homemade by Ayesha Curry mug box, I did a little dance.  This mug is so cute!  It’s a Tiffany blue color, and has a pair of closed eyes on it that says, “I’d rather be in bed.” Yeah, pretty much my life motto.  I can’t wait to have a nice, hot cup of coffee in this mug!

IMG-2490Next is the 8 Other Reasons Nine Lives Choker in rose gold.  I love how dainty and delicate this necklace is, and how I can wear it loose or tight if I want the choker look.  This will go with so many tops!

IMG-2642Last is the BB Dakota poncho in black.  I am so excited to wear this poncho over tops with jeans and boots, or dresses on a night out when I need a little extra warmth.  This piece is so easy to wear and looks cute and is so cozy!


And that’s all of the items that were in my winter box!  I am excited to use these pieces all season long! Happy winter!



Thanksgiving day look

We had a hot Thanksgiving this year, so no super cozy sweaters and scarves just yet, but crossing my fingers that it will cool off soon! We had a great day of sleeping in, relaxing, and going over to my mom’s house and stuffing our faces.  Daisy is so well-behaved in these pictures because she knew if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be getting any turkey later. 😉 I am very thankful for my family, friends, and health this year.  I am also super happy to finally be blogging!  This outfit I wore on Thanksgiving was super easy, comfortable, and affordable while also looking chic!  My flannel dress is from Old Navy and is very soft and lightweight, which was perfect for the 90 degree day we had.  This dress could also be worn with tights or leggings with a long cardigan on top for more warmth.  My OTK boots are Sam Edelman from Saks Off 5th.  They are no longer available there, but I found them on Shoe Carnival for $39.99! I had been looking for a pair for so long but just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for and at the right price.  I am so glad I finally found these, and I wish they came in all different colors!  I love these boots because they are on trend and go with so many outfits, and they were under $50!  They are comfortable, easy to walk in, and the heel height is perfect.  They also have super cute tie details on the back.  I am excited to pair these with some different looks!  My necklace is from Kendra Scott and I love how this will pair nicely with many different tops.  I love how it is a statement piece but it is not too heavy or dominating.  All of these pieces are so versatile and can be worn many different ways!  I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!