Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home: Smile Brilliant Review/Giveaway

I am sharing another product review with you today! I was so excited to get started with Smile Brilliant, a teeth whitening system that uses custom fitted trays, and professional strength whitening gel. Giveaway posted down at the bottom!

My whitening history: I have used Crest white strips several times in the past and have gotten pretty good results from those, but the sensitivity I got in my teeth and gums was not worth it to me, and has made me hesitant to use whitening products. My teeth are pretty white, but not as white as I would like them to be, so I was so excited to try this product.

I am a preschool teacher, so I am constantly drinking coffee throughout my day to keep up with those little rascals! This has caused some staining on my teeth that I have been wanting to get rid of.

This process starts by creating your custom fitted trays. I was sent plastic trays and this blue putty to bite down on and make a mold of my top and bottom teeth. I was pretty nervous to do this because I didn’t want to mess up haha but it was actually super easy and quick! I sent those back to them, and waited for my trays to arrive.

When I got my trays and the whitening gel, I started whitening every day for about an hour at a time; this was perfect to do before bed while watching my nightly dose of Netflix ūüôā It is super easy to do. You just squirt a little gel into your mold and pop it on your teeth and forget about it! I did get mild sensitivity in my gums at first, but whitening every other day (instead of every day) and putting coconut oil on my gums before whitening helped a lot! They also send you desensitizing gel to use after whitening.

I have now been whitening for about 3 weeks and see those coffee stains pretty much gone! I am really happy with the results I have achieved in the short period of time and the little amount of effort! Thank you Smile Brilliant for giving me a quick and easy teeth whitening experience with great results!


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Formulate Review

I am so excited to be sharing my review and experience of my personalized shampoo and conditioner from Formulate! Giveaway link posted down at the end of this post!

How I got started on this hair journey: I started by taking a quiz answering several basic questions about my hair, as well as my hair struggles and goals. My hair is color treated and needs heat protection, volume, and moisture. I struggle with breakage and frizz, so I was looking for this product to smooth and strengthen my hair. After taking the quiz, my custom formula was made and my shampoo and conditioner was on it’s way to my door.

The packaging is so cute! I love the bottle design as well as the convenient pump. The scent was nice too. I got the “tidal” scent which is a nice clean and fresh fragrance. I also LOVE that all their products are sulfate and paraben free.

My first few washes: Right away, I could tell that this formula did not lather like what I am used to, and I did not feel like it was stripping my hair like some shampoos do. After washing several times, I was not getting as much moisture from the conditioner than I would have liked. My hair was pretty hard to comb out and did not feel as smooth and moisturized as I wanted. I emailed the Formulate team about the issue, and they made adjustments to my formula right away, and sent out my adjusted formula.

After the first wash with my new formula, I did notice a difference, and there was more moisture in the formula. But after several washes, a bit of a build up started happening on my hair, making it difficult to comb through, and it had a heavy and greasy feeling. I am thinking maybe there was too much of the moisturizing ingredients added. So I gave that feedback to the team and they adjusted my formula for me again, and sent me a new shampoo and conditioner right away.

Third times the charm! After several washes with my new formula, my hair feels smoother, softer, and stronger. It is easy to comb through when wet, (BIG DEAL FOR ME) feels protected against heat, and is SUPER shiny! My hair feels lightweight, (no more build up), and has a good amount of volume. The team got my formula just right.

Sam and the Formulate team went above and beyond to make sure I had the perfect shampoo and conditioner formula. It was such a wonderful experience working with them every step of the way. Thank you Formulate!

You deserve to have amazing hair and a shampoo and conditioner that are customized to exactly what your hair needs. I highly recommend you give Formulate a try!


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Maison De Sabre Review

Hey everyone!  I wanted to give a review of a new product I have been testing out!  I have been using a new phone case from the brand “Maison De Sabre” for my iPhone 7.

The case is made from pebble grain leather and personalized with a silver or gold monogram.    The leather color choices are: Black caviar, pink lily, pomegranate red, emerald green, lapis blue, and lead grey.  The case costs $75.

My case is BEAUTIFUL!  I chose the “pink lily” color with a gold monogram.  It is definitely the most beautiful phone case I have ever seen.  The leather gives it a luxurious look that I just love.  It fits very secure on my phone and I feel like it offers great protection.  I just LOVE the personalized gold stamped monogram, it looks amazing against the leather.   I get compliments on it every day!

The only things I will say is that the price is on the higher end for a phone case in my opinion.  The quality is great, so you really get what you are paying for.   I do also notice the sides of the case pick up dirt easily, making it look dirty.  The case is light pink, so like with all light colored leather, there is a possibility of color transfer.  This can be resolved by wiping with a leather cleaning product or even just a gentle cloth worked for mine.

Other than that, you are getting a beautiful, high quality, leather phone case.

If you want a stunning and personalized phone case, I would give this one by Maison De Sabre a try!  If you would like to receive a 10% discount, be sure to use code: nikkiwebber10

Here is a link to their website: https://us.maisondesabre.com

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Paris in a Cup Christmas Tea

I got to go to Paris in a Cup in Old Town Orange for their Christmas Tea.¬† I have been once before a couple of years ago, and each time has been just amazing.¬† The cute little tea salon is located in the Orange Circle among many other little shops and restaurants.¬† Its is such a charming area, and they were having their tree lighting ceremony that day, so Christmas was in the air!¬† It was such a great way to kick off the season before it gets crazy!¬† This tea is very popular and spots do fill up fast, (we booked it in October and still didn’t get the exact time that we wanted!) so I recommend going on their website and giving them a call.¬† I would highly recommend planning a day and getting together with your girls and spend the afternoon sipping and enjoying the Christmas season!¬† Ps: I linked my outfit details at the bottom of this post!

I missed taking a picture of the salad, but all the food was delicious! They decorated the place so so cute!¬† I know I took too many pictures, but I couldn’t resist!¬† And they also gave us a beautiful pendant gift.

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Outfit Details:





Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle when shopping for the men in my life.¬† I have put together a list of things to help you if you have the same struggle!¬† Dad, brother, boyfriend, or hubby, I got you covered! ūüôā I have included a photo of ideas and a full list of links to products. I hope you enjoy and find this helpful!


pdf print gift guide


Playstation 4

Pajama Pants , Pajamas, 

Lounge Pants

Multi Use Wallet Tool

Wireless Earbuds

Dollar Shave Club Subscription

NFL Beanie

Nike Sweats

Windbreaker Coat



Sports/Concert Tickets

Adidas Sneakers

Nike Sneakers

Dress Socks

Me Undies Membership

Nespresso Machine


Hydro Flask

Tile Pro


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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

I wanted to make a super easy and fun gift guide for all the people looking to buy for a special lady in their life. ¬†You will find something for your sister, BFF, mom, girlfriend of two weeks or wife of many years. ¬†I have included gifts for all budgets! ¬†There is something on here for everyone! I hope you enjoy and get some great ideas! ¬†Stay tuned for the “for him” version. ūüôā

Disney Festival of Holidays

We we’re so excited to go to the Disney Festival of Holidays this year because last year we had an amazing time. ¬†California Adventure Park hosts this fun celebration that has food, drinks, music and more to celebrate all the different holidays of the season from different cultures. ¬†The Festival of Holidays runs Nov. 9th-Jan 8th. ¬†This year did not disappoint. ¬†There were a few of the same menu items that we loved and got again, and we also tried some new things! ¬†I honestly want to go and do it again because there are so many more things that I wanted to try! ¬† ¬†You can purchase a lanyard where you can get 8 items from any of the stands for $49 if you are an annual pass holder, or $54 for non pass holders. ¬†One lanyard is perfect for two people to share.

I highly recommend you give this a try!  If you love food, Disneyland, and the holiday season, this is a must!

Now let’s get to the important part… the food!

Turkey and stuffing tamale-¬† It was good, not great. It wasn’t that flavorful, but it definitely gave us the Thanksgiving feels.

Braised Pork Belly Adobo with Garlic Fried Rice- Amazing!  Super flavorful and tender, and the rice was just so garlicy and delicious.  Possibly the best thing we ate.


Nashville Hot Fried Turkey with Dill Pickles- The turkey was a tad dry, but the flavor and spice were perfect.


Jalape√Īo¬†Latkes with Chipotle Crema-¬†This was definitely one of my favorites. ¬†They were super crispy and spicy, and the crema and apple chips were perfect on top.

Beef Pot Roast on a Potato Roll-¬†I wasn’t expecting to love this because it had a horseradish cream sauce on top but it was delicious! ¬†The horseradish flavor was super subtle. ¬†I could have eaten many more of these lol.


Chorizo Queso Fundido with House-made Tortilla Chips-¬†This was a repeat from last year but we just loved it and had to get it again! ¬†Who doesn’t love a good cheese dip with chips?! ¬†We got a couple of the beers at the “Brews and Bites” stand that went perfectly with this one.


Holiday Ham Shanks- This was just okay.  It was kinda dry and really sweet.  Not my favorite.


Shrimp and Grits with Andouille Sausage- This was good!  The grits were super creamy and the shrimp and sausage had good flavor.

I have a feeling we will be back to try some more of the many delicious looking items they have on the menu ūüôā ¬†Again, this is a must try if you haven’t been before!

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Jeffrey Campbell Coma Stretch Booties

I just had to share the amazing boots that my sweet sister got for me for my birthday! ¬†I had been searching for some sock like booties and just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for…until I saw these! ¬†These are the coma stretch booties from Jeffrey Campbell. ¬†They are just perfect. ¬†The heel is 3″ which to me is the perfect heel height, and they are comfortable and easy to walk in. ¬†The tight fit gives a slimming look to the leg, and these will go with any kind of skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses! ¬†They come in this beige color, black, and a black and white plaid color. ¬†They are so chic. ¬†If you have been looking for a boot like this to amp up your wardrobe, look no further! ¬†I have linked them down below at the end of this post!


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Trader Joe’s Seasonal Items: What You Need to Try, and What You Don’t

So I have been wanting to do this post for so long, but I wanted to wait until I could try everything that I wanted to share with you guys! There are a few things that you absolutely must try, and there are a couple that I would say you can pass on.

Must try: 

Eh…You can pass:

These are just a few of the yummy looking things they have this season!  Let me know what you have tried!



Fancii & Co Skincare Brush Review

So I have been trying out the Fancii & Co Cora 7 in one face and body cleansing brush.  This brush comes with 6 different brush heads.  A silicone cleansing brush, a regular face cleansing brush, a body cleansing brush, a face massaging brush, a sponge brush, and a pumice stone, and an extending wand.

I found myself using the silicone one almost every night because it was gentle and helped with removing my makeup. ¬†The regular cleansing brush is nice for once a week use because it is very exfoliating and not as gentle as the silicone. ¬†The sponge one was different and I have never used one like that before. ¬†I used it with a rich cleanser that had beads in it and it felt nice like it was really making it sink into my skin.¬†The massaging one feels nice, but I will probably not use it very often just because I feel like it doesn’t really do anything for me. The pumice stone and body brush are great and really nice to have. ¬†I love the body brush for getting off old spray tan and prepping for new spray tan.

My overall thoughts: This whole system is $39.99 which is a great deal for what you are getting. ¬†I would recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a face/body brush with multiple uses/benefits. ¬†What you are getting for the price is great! ¬†Also check out some of the other great things on Fancii.com and use the code: NIKKI30¬†for 30% off ūüôā

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